Hair Chalk- For pony and Rider

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With these colorful horse hair crayons, you can transform your horse or yourself into a real work of art. This product is safe for children and horses. 

Product Specifications: 
- Set of 12 pieces of brightly colored hair crayons 
- Have fun and be creative on the mane, start and body 
- Safe for humans and pony/horse 

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Instructions for use: 
1. Apply to damp mane/tail.
2. Choose a color and slide the hair chalk over the length of the mane/tail, from top to bottom.
3. Do not comb the horse's mane/tail after the chalk is applied.

You can remove the chalk bij washing the horse's mane or tail with shampoo. If you have a horse with light hair, you may have to shampoo a few more times to rinse out all of the pigment.

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