Bridle & Accesssories

Bridle & Accesssories

We supply a great range of bridlework from economy standard to english leather, from modest to funky. These are all available for shipping worldwide and at great prices.

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Sparkle Hearts Natures Eye Care Mist- 50ml


Introducing Nature’s Eye Care Mist, a revolutionary natural product designed to provide optimal care for irritated eyes in horses and small animals. This unique formulation offers a gentle and effective solution, ensuring the well-being of your animals when they exhibit symptoms of an eye condition. Nature’s Eye Care Mist stands out as a go-to remedy for eyes sensitized by various environmental stimuli.

Whether it’s dust, pollen, excessive heat, or the stress of long travels in trailers, lorries, or flights, this product offers immediate relief.
The mist is carefully crafted with natural ingredients, harnessing the power of botanical extracts to soothe and rejuvenate the eyes.

Shires Velociti Gara Leather Blinkers- Black

Easy to attach with the bridle in place; the velociti gara blinkers remove distraction by reducing the field of view; allowing the horse greater focus during training and work. Touch close straps wrap around the cheek piece to secure. Durable leather is eco-friendly vegetable tanned and hand-stitched with self-colour thread. Restrained design gives velociti gara leatherwork enduring appeal.

Cameo Equine Biothane Wet Grip Reins- Black- Cob/Full Size


Reins made of coated webbing presents a variety of benefits such as:
-easy to clean and maintain, no leather-like care required;
-soft and supple;
-doesn\'t discolour over time;
-doesn\'t stiffen in low temperatures;
-becomes more flexible in higher temperatures;
-doesn\'t absorb odours.
-much more durable than natural leather
-rot and mould proof.

Cameo Equine Anatomic... Cameo Equine Anatomic...
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Cameo Equine Anatomic Comfort Bridle- Black- Full Size


Developed with a beautiful anatomic headpiece with supersoft padding to assist in alleviating poll pressure. The headpiece has a subtle cutaway to take pressure from the ears. With a raised and padded browband this bridle offers comfort and a balanced elegant look.

Complete with Suregrip reins and includes a flash

Mackey Classic Grackle Bridle with reins


The Mackey Classic Grackle Bridle has been handcrafted using the highest quality leather and stainless steel fittings.

  •  Featuring a stylish raised & padded grackle with sheepskin for improved comfort.
  • Comes complete with rubber grip reins.
  • Cheeks & reins with billet ends for a neater finish.
  • Classic Grackle Cheek Pieces 5/8

Mackey Classic Hunt/ Show Bridle


Mackey Classic Hunt Bridle

This hunt bridle is made from high quality leather and has stainless steel fastening

The bridle has 5/8" width cheek pieces and wide cavasson noseband

Available in Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full Size Colours: Brown,Black

HKM Bridle- Anatomic- Black HKM Bridle- Anatomic- Black
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  • -€40.00

HKM Bridle- Anatomic- Black

€80.00 €120.00
  • browband and noseband have soft padding
  • padded browband
  • switching fastening
  • continental woven reins
  • wide headpiece with ear cutouts
  • quality leather
  • bit not included
  • with detachable flash strap
  • note: according to the LPO, the throat lash is mandatory for tournaments

Neck Stretcher/ Bungee - Black

Elastisc cord with 2 hook attachment clips. Adjustable to all sizes with the squeezeclip above the head. Encourages your horse to stretch his neck while staying collected. Can be used while riding or lunging.