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Leovet Leather Oil 450ml
  • New

Leovet Leather Oil 450ml


A natural fine leather oil that nourishes heavily used leather without leaving a greasy film. Penetrates quickly and deeply into the leather, making it smooth and durable.  Leather oiling made easy 🧽 Leovet leather oil is provided with a brush attached to the lid for ease of application on all leather work


HKM Turnout Rug Portland-...
  • -€27.00
  • New

HKM Turnout Rug Portland- 600D 100g Fill

€70.00 €97.00
  • waterproof
  • flexible gussets allowing freedom of movement
  • for an optimum fit, the back length of the rug is 10 cm longer than the horse\'s back length
  • smooth, easy to clean fabric
  • breathable
  • windproof
  • guaranteed breathable: 3.000 ml m²/24 h
  • waterproof up to 3.000 mm
  • rip-proof
  • tail strap
  • adjustable front closures
  • delivered with bag
  • tail guard
  • double front fastenings
  • removeable leg straps with snap clips
  • longer sides for better fit
  • filled with 100 g cotton
Horka Originals Cotton/...
  • New

Horka Originals Cotton/ Mesh Rug


To celebrate HORKA\'s 65th anniversary, the special, limited collection "HORKA Originals" was created. This collection of comfortable clothing can be worn on many occasions. Whether for riding, as protection of white show clothing, for various outdoor activities or just when lounging; you name it, the HORKA Originals have you covered!

Special edition Lightweight rug with ‘HORKA Originals’ print, a polycotton top and anti-fly mesh on the sides. Excellent dry fit sheet with anti-fly function & optimal sweat regulation.

HKM Matching Set... HKM Matching Set...
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  • -€25.00
  • New

HKM Matching Set "Edinburgh"- Pony Size- General Purpose

€65.00 €90.00
  • Cob to Full Size- 16.5" to 18" saddle
  • General Purpose Shape- Not Dressage as in picture
  • breathable
  • protective padded withers
  • anatomically shaped for ideal fit
  • bottom side of functional fabric for a quick moisture transport
  • faux fur at the withers
  • foam and wadding filling
  • keepers with touch close fastenings
  • antislip due to silicone print
  • keepers detachable
Waldhausen (Germany) Eczema...
  • New

Waldhausen (Germany) Eczema Rug


Safe all-round protection for horses suffering from eczema. Made of special breathable functional fibre fabric with fixed neck part and a wide belly flap. Ample freedom of movement due to elastic insert in the shoulder area and at neck.

- Fine mesh weave
- Doubled front fastening
- Kick pleat
- Leg straps
- Fillet string
- Tail flap

Navy Blue

Mackey Equisential... Mackey Equisential...
  • New

Mackey Equisential Lightweight Rug


Waterproof and breathable with fleece wither protection. Durable 600D polyester outer. Featuring surcingle front closure & low cross belly surcingle\'s. Tail flap & adjustable fillet strap.

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