Some Customer Service advice...

We are committed to ensuring each and every order we receive is processed and despatched with the utmost care and efficiency. From the moment you decide to make your order to the moment your parcel arrives, you can be assured that we will excel in our customer service. Once you’ve used our service, we hope you’ll agree with this claim.

Our team are keen riders, so there is always someone available to talk to if you have a query about size or suitability. Should you have any questions or if you have a suggestion to make about our products or our service, you can contact us on Int: 00353 9064 65850 or 090 6465850

Alternatively you can email All your comments will be greatly appreciated. Nobody else can match this pledge and nobody else is equipped to offer you this level of service.

All you need to know when ordering from Essentially Equestrian


You have a choice of ways to order through our secure website! For speed, you can use the Search option, which looks though our entire online selection to find you the products you’re looking for. You can type in the product code of the items you require if you know them or just type the name of the product. You can also browse through each of the sections and sub-sections of the site. To make things as easy as possible.

Don’t forget to check out our Special offer area to see if there’s an unmissable deal before you check out. The items are added to your Shopping Basket. To check your purchase at any time, click on the Basket icon to check which items you have selected and then submit your order. When you've made your selections, just check your customer details and confirm your purchase. It's that easy! Please note, to place an order, you must first register to create an online account. Only when you are logged on can you complete your order. For customer service reasons, we may also restrict the products available on the website to those which are currently in stock. If you prefer to place your order offline, you may choose from the following options: by Phone: 00353 90 6465850 or 090 6465850

We are ready to take your order. For speed and efficiency we suggest you have the following to hand:

1. The product description of each item, including size and colour.

2. Your credit/debit card.

By Post: Send your order to Essentially Equestrian enclosing your chosen form of payment:

Credit or chargecard: Please print your card number in the boxes provided along with the relevant expiry date and issue numbers where applicable. Remember Credit/Debit cards will only charge for the items that we are able to send you, at the time your order is processed.