For the Stable

For the Stable

All you need for your stable and yard. If there is something that you need and is not available on this page please drop us a line and we'll do our best to source for you..

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Leovet Leather Cream 200ml
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Leovet Leather Cream 200ml



For nourishing care.

Nourishes all smooth leather with fine oils and waxes such as beeswax, castor oil and lanolin. The leather remains supple and pliable, is protected against drying out and maintains its original good grip yet does not become slippery. For regular care every 3 to 4 weeks. Petroleum free – eco friendly.

Haas Pony Brush for a Deep...
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Haas Pony Brush for a Deep Clean

Selected bristles with a small proportion of brass fine wire to improve strength are used to make this brush. The balanced material mixture gives this brush excellent cleaning properties, even on heavily soiled fur.

A combination of strong bristles and special brass bristles. The unique bristle combination, created by HAAS, makes this brush ideal for cleaning, especially thick coats and very dirty coats.

Derbymed Cutargent


Foam cream to care and regenerate damaged or irritated skin in cases of pastern dermatitis or mud rash.

Cutargent is an ideal product for supporting horses with pastern dermatitis.

Its unique patented technology contains Panthenol, Madecassoside and Microsilver. These specially selected ingredients accelerate healing and reduce itching. Panthenol improves the skin’s elasticity, supports the regeneration of skin cells and soothes itching. Madecassoside boosts collagen synthesis and activates cell regeneration of the skin surface. Microsilver has anti-bacterial and anti-septic effects.

A unique patented foam cream allowing for easy and accurate application on the skin. (300ml spray bottle gives 7-9 litres of foam)

Borstiq Farmers Broom- 50cm wide


The Borstiq Farmers Brooms are unlike any other stable broom. They are extremely light to hold and very flicky. The polypropylene bristles give a fabulous finish to any type of surface and are particularly good on concrete and cobbles

Suitable for all yard surfaces and conditions.

A choice between the original Farmers Broom with long flicky polypropylene bristles and the shorter softer natural bassine bristle broom for more intense sweeping.

These stable/yard brooms will make sweeping and tidying a pleasure!

50cm wide, 130cm long, nylon black bristles, close set for the best reach.

Hippotonic Stablemate/ Poop Scoop-Blue


Dung shovel & rake. For efficient and fast clearing of manure. The stable mate is lightweight and ideal to take with you, but also handy for at home at the bin or cleaning place. Available in various colors.

Fork height: 80 cm
Stable mate height: 80 cm

Sparkle Hearts Natures Eye Care Mist- 50ml


Introducing Nature’s Eye Care Mist, a revolutionary natural product designed to provide optimal care for irritated eyes in horses and small animals. This unique formulation offers a gentle and effective solution, ensuring the well-being of your animals when they exhibit symptoms of an eye condition. Nature’s Eye Care Mist stands out as a go-to remedy for eyes sensitized by various environmental stimuli.

Whether it’s dust, pollen, excessive heat, or the stress of long travels in trailers, lorries, or flights, this product offers immediate relief.
The mist is carefully crafted with natural ingredients, harnessing the power of botanical extracts to soothe and rejuvenate the eyes.