Grooming & Washing

Grooming & Washing

Our horse grooming range comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. Get you horse well groomed with our grooming brushes. Our grooming equipment is available at fantastic prices and can be delivered worldwide

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Smart Grooming Superblue Whitening Powder- 30g


The Smart Grooming Super Blue Whitening Powder will get rid of any stains on your horse\'s body, tail or mane. After diluting in warm water, the Super Blue Whitening Powder will enhance your horse\'s whites in just 30 seconds.

  • Gets rid of yellow stains.
  • Enhances grey and white coats.

Dapplemaker Equi-Foam- Sold out


The Dapple Maker Equi-Foam is a must have for any horse owner. Just fill up the container with your favourite shampoo, connect it to any standard garden hose attachment and start washing! There is a water pressure adjustment and a dial to adjust the water/shampoo mix. You can even turn off the shampoo mix when it\'s time to rinse. The spray head also has numerous selections to change the type of spray or foaming. Make washing fun and easy, you can even use it on the dog or the car!

Haas Pony Brush for a Deep Clean

Selected bristles with a small proportion of brass fine wire to improve strength are used to make this brush. The balanced material mixture gives this brush excellent cleaning properties, even on heavily soiled fur.

A combination of strong bristles and special brass bristles. The unique bristle combination, created by HAAS, makes this brush ideal for cleaning, especially thick coats and very dirty coats.

Leovet Medicated Wash


Suitable for cleaning very sensitive skin especially on lower legs. Supports regeneration by removing dirt and incrustations. Perfume-free, pH skin-neutral, without essential oils. Gentle cleaning with extra mild and soap-free surfactants. Suitable for allergy sufferers.

Leovet 5 Star Braiding Gel 200ml


5 Star Braiding gel helps plaits stay in place for longer whilst caring for the mane.

Specially developed to disentangle long hairs, giving the mane better body and more hold for braiding without stickiness.

Rub a small amount in the mane before plaiting to encourage grip.

Silicone free.

Part of the leovet 5 Star Range.


Turfmasters Pro-Whitening Shampoo- 2.5 Litre


Turfmaster Pro Whitening Shampoo, the ultimate grooming solution for white and light-colored horses that will leave your equine companions looking their absolute best. Crafted with meticulous care and designed to meet the unique needs of equestrian enthusiasts, this specialized shampoo is a game-changer in coat care.

Haas Mustang Damen


Special synthetic bristles and special fine brass wire define this brush. This unique bristle combination, developed by Haas, makes this brush an ideal for cleaning thick or shredding coats.