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Tack care available from leading brands like Carr Day and Martin. Always remember if your tack gets wet dry it out at room temperature only. Delivery available worldwide

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Leovet Leather Care Intensive 250ml


This Leovet Leather Care Intensive is a special natural leather care product that cleans and creates a smooth, matt look. Ideal for use on riding boots. Using a special wax from the carnauba palm. Active dirt loosening agents make for effortless cleaning. Once applied, the caranuaba wax turns into a matt, sheen finish and this also helps to waterproof the leather. If desired, an additional quick buffing yields an even more lustrous finish. Protects against mould and mildew. Petroleum Free.


Charlee's Leather- Easy Clean Wipes


Powerful cleaning solution!
- Removes most kinds of dirt
- Fast cleaning
- No water, no soap
- Large hard-wearing wipes
- Enriched with vitamin E and Aloe vera
- Odourless, paraben-free, no artificial colourings, no phenoxyethanol
- Hermetic seal for better conservation
- Clean, protected leather
- Quick shine
Tip: always take a pack of Easy Clean Wipe with you to be able to clean your leather whatever the circumstances! Competitions, shows...
Instructions for use:
Rub the wipe over the areas you wish to clean. Do not rinse, leave to dry in the open air. Close the pack properly after use.

Leovet Leather Soap 500ml


Cleans and cares for the leather, making it supple.

Pure plant oils effortlessly clean leather, gently and thoroughly. The high concentration of plant glycerine and selected oils have a nourishing effect and keep the leather supple. Ideal as an allround cleaner around the stable and house. Biodegradable. Petroleum free – eco friendly.

Horka Leather Balm-Wax Black- 250ml


This wax balm made of natural ingredients nourishes and preserves your leather products. It\'s made from natural ingredients Especially made for HORKA and has a delicious vanilla fragrance.

The black coloured wax will enhance the colour of black leather. 

CDM Brecknell Turner Saddle Soap -500ml



An alternative to Belvoir Conditioner Soap Tray for those that prefer a matt finish. An established soft wax formulation to thoroughly condition the leather. Use regularly after ‘Step 1‘ Belvoir Tack Cleaner.

Paskacheval L'originelle Leather balm, 500ml


L’originelle balm is a unique glycerine based compound that waterproofs and nourishes deeply the leather. Its texture and its flavour make its use easy and pleasant . The regular use of the L’originelle balm protects your leathers on a long term.