Training Aids & Martingales

Training Aids & Martingales

Many horse training aids available online at fantastic prices. We stock for any level of horse and rider including chambons, martingales and draw reins. All horse training reins can be delivered worldwide.

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Neck Extender - Color: Black

Elastisc cord with 2 hook attachment clips. Adjustable to all sizes with the squeezeclip above the head. Encourages your horse to stretch his neck while staying collected. Can be used while riding or lunging.

Shires Velociti GARA Hunt Weight Breastplate- Black


The Shires Velociti GARA Hunt Weight Breastplate is made with a high quality heavy weight leather that can be easily adjusted at both shoulders, saddle points and girth attachment.

Offering optimum strength and saddle stability this item also comes with a removable running martingale attachment with stainless steel fittings.

Shires Lunging Adapter


For lunging using a bridle, this adaptor removes the fiddly job of rethreading the lunge line when changing reins. The adaptor lays across the poll, threads through the bit rings and connects to the lunge line clip under the chin. Changing reins is simply a matter of turning the horse around. SupaFleece padding at the poll makes this lunging adapter ideal for sensitive horses.

Equisential Padded Lunge Rein- 26 Foot/8 meter


Equisential 24ft Padded Lunge Rein is a durable and lengthy lunge rein. Made from 1 inch soft cushion webbing, this padded lunge rein allows you to lead your horse at a distance, while still being able to send commands and control direction. Features a strong solid brass swivel trigger hook and a loop handle at the other end.

Shires Aviemore Hunt Weight Breastplate- Cob & Black


For optimum strength and saddle stability, this hunt weight breastplate is made from heavier weight leather and can be adjusted at both shoulders, saddle points and girth strap. Complete with removable running martingale attachment and stainless steel fittings. Traditionally finished, Aviemore leatherwork is a classic choice.