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It is important that the style of bit is appropriate to the horse's needs and is fitted properly for it to function properly and be as comfortable as possible for the horse. We supply a range of top quality horse bits for horses and ponies available online all at fantastic prices and can be delivered worldwide. If you have any questions regarding correct size, functions of a particular bit please email us at

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Shires Hollow Mouth Eggbutt


This egg butt snaffle has a hollow mouth meaning that it is lighter than a standard solid mouthpiece. Due to its lightweight nature, hollow mouth bits are renowned for being softer than solid bits. Made from stainless steel

Loose Ring Snaffle


The Loose Ring Snaffle is the most common type of snaffle available.  Loose ring snaffle bits are commonly used across all disciplines and offer gentle control with a variety of mouthpieces. Loose ring bits encourage a relaxed mouth and are also used in double bridles for dressage.

Cherry Roller
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Cherry Roller- 5"

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This bit is designed to prevent the horse taking hold of the bit and running away. Due to an uneven surface the rollers produce, the bit is sharp in the horse\'s mouth

Mother Bee Bit Butter 60ml Tin


Mother Bee’s NEW Bit Butter, the only way to prevent rubs on the corners of your horses mouth.  In keeping with the Mother Bee range, our new Bit Butter moisturises and soothes the mouth. Made with a blend of natural oils and beeswax, it helps the horse to accept the bit and lubricates the areas which are in contact with the bit.