Fly, Midge & Sun Barriers

Fly, Midge & Sun Barriers

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SOA + ITCH Be Gone™ Medicated Bar Soap


Here is a wonderful medicated soap that will stop the itching and rubbing cycle from insect bites, skin disorders and allergic reactions. No longer will you witness your animal suffer! Soa+Itch be gone will help with Hot spots, Mosquito, Tick, Flea, Spider and Mite bits. You will notice immediate relief. Please give this soap a try your pet will th

Leovet Power Phaser Durativ- Fly Paste


Leovet Power Phaser Durativ. The new power in insect defence against all biting and non-biting flies, including horse flies, mosquitoes, gadflies and ticks. For 100% effective and long lasting repellence, even when the horse perspires. Comes complete with sponge.

Leovet Tam Tam Vet
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Leovet Tam Tam Vet Insect Repellent- 550ml


Tam Tam Vet

The Fly be gone Spray!!

Effective protection against Mosquitos, Horse Flys and Ticks

Made with active substances from geranium oil and eucalyptus citriodora oil.

Containts insteck repellents both homogenized.  Homogenisation increases the duration of the insect repellent effect, making it last up to four times longer. No alcohol or preservatives.

HKM Grazing Muzzle- Black- Shetland size


Grazing Muzzle is designed to restrict the grass intake of ponies and horses, allowing them a limited amount of grass, yet unlimited water, due to the small opening at the bottom. This lightweight muzzle has a rubber base with nylon web bars at the side and It also comes with a head and throat strap.

Carr Day Martin Extra Strength Insect Repellent Spray 500ml


Optimum DEET. Powerful insect repellent; repels midges and all flying and biting insects effectively

Extra Strength Insect Repellent is an effective alternative to a natural-based repellent. This powerful formula gives maximum protection from midges and biting insects. Contains the proven, researched, active ingredient DEET, at an optimum level of 20% for powerful, long-lasting protection.

CDM Itchgard- 500ml


Soothes irritated and itchy skin


A soothing, non-greasy lotion derived from plant extracts including Lemongrass, Marigold, Geranium and Menthol Oils, to calm and cool irritated skin on horses troubled by itching. This easy to use topical treatment aids in preventing rubbing following nuisance insects bites, or general skin irritation, by calming the skin and maintaining skin integrity.
Itch Gard also helps to reduce damage caused by rubbing to the Mane and Tail areas by conditioning and protecting skin and hair.


Shake well before use. Apply ItchGard to the affected area and massage thoroughly.
Use for at least three weeks starting daily; and reduce the frequency to once per week if still required.

Key Ingredients

Lemongrass, Marigold, Geranium and Menthol Oils.

Horslyx Garlic Mini 650g


Mini Garlic Horslyx allows you to treat your horse while giving him all of the goodness of Garlic Horslyx. It combines the benefits or Original Horslyx including the simulation of natural feeding patterns and nutritional supplement with Garlic supplement, to reduce the problem of biting insects.