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Headcollar & Ropes

Headcollars to suit all budgets available online or instore. We delivery headcollars and leadropes worldwide

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Leadrope with clip Leadrope with clip
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HKM Leadrope with clip- Mulitbuy option


This Simple and sturdy 100% Cotton Leadrope is 2 metres long with a trigger hook. It comes in a variety of beautiful colours.

• 100% Cotton
NEW Solid Trigger Hook for extra strength
• Length: 2 metres
Colours:  As supplied.  specify preference at checkout

1 for 4.50

3 for 12

10 for €35

Equisential Padded Lunge Rein- 26 Foot/8 meter


Equisential 24ft Padded Lunge Rein is a durable and lengthy lunge rein. Made from 1 inch soft cushion webbing, this padded lunge rein allows you to lead your horse at a distance, while still being able to send commands and control direction. Features a strong solid brass swivel trigger hook and a loop handle at the other end.

Shires Bungee Breakaway Trailer Tie


Reduce tension with this web covered bungee tether. The addition of a touch close breakaway safety feature leaves a short lead attached should the horse break away, making him easier to catch. Featuring a swivel trigger clip at one end with a panic clip that attaches to the headcollar and allows the handler to quickly intervene by pulling down on the clip.

HKM Grazing Muzzle- Black- Shetland size


Grazing Muzzle is designed to restrict the grass intake of ponies and horses, allowing them a limited amount of grass, yet unlimited water, due to the small opening at the bottom. This lightweight muzzle has a rubber base with nylon web bars at the side and It also comes with a head and throat strap.

HKM Insect Repellent Collar


- protects horse from flies and insects
- effective for 4 - 6 weeks
- natural agent
- just place it around the neck and the horse is protected
- protects the whole horse from insects