Haas Fellglanzburste
  • Haas Fellglanzburste

Haas Fellglanzburste


Haas Body Brush "Fellglanzbürste"  - a light, soft, densely woven Horsehair brush. It full fills all the needs for grooming and finishes with a pampering effect. An ideal brush for sensitive horses.

brush material: mix of horsehair

Backside: plastic

Colour of the backside: wood imitation

Size: 200 x 85 mm

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If your horse fidgets, flinches or gets narky when being groomed, you may be using a brush that is too firm. Try this high quality Haas brush which is made from light, soft, densely woven horsehair and is ideal for sensitive horses. With light, soft, densely woven horsehair, this versatile brush pampers your horse while creating a glossy, shiny coat.

Haas brushes offer:

  • Better hygiene (all products are washable)
  • Increased reliability
  • Longevity
  • Comfortable handling
  • Water resistance
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Retention of bristles
  • Shatter resistance
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