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Hit-Air Inflatable Safety Vest - Junior


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The childrens Hit-Air vest has all the design and protective features of the adult vest. The light-weight, neat fit is designed to encourage children to wear the Hit-Air vest every time they ride. It can be worn over a body protector for ultimate protection and to adhere to BE regulations in competition - or on its own if chidren would otherwise wear no protection at all.

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Children must weigh a minimum of 25kg to trigger the mechanism and the vest must be purchased on behalf of the child by an adult of 18 years or over. An adult must read the instructions on receipt and be responsible for fitting the vest, attaching the saddle strap and lanyard and changing the canisters once inflated. This option takes a 50cc canister.


  • the Hit-Air vest is designed as a shock buffering, stabalising system, giving added protection to the neck, spine, collar bones, lower back, rib cage and vital organs
  • the neck protection is designed to decelerate the neck in the event of a fall, significantly reducing the possibility of hyper-extension and whiplash
  • the Hit-Air vest is the only air vest on the market which has rib cage air bags, helping to protect both ribs and vital organs
  • the patented design, allows the lower back protection to be neatly folded away, so that it does not interfere with the saddle
  • the vest inflates outwards (rather than inwards) so there is no possibility of the rider being winded by the inflation process
  • the Hit-Air vest compliments all types of body protectors
  • it can be worn on its own, giving considerably more protection to the rider on inflation than riding without protection
  • the inflation rate of the air vests is approximately 0.25 seconds*
  • the canister and key ball are enclosed to protect the mechanism from dirt in the event of a fall

*Testing was conducted under laboratory conditions by the Japanese Automobile Research Institute and TNO Netherlands and is the time taken from activation of the key ball mechanism to the point of full inflation.


  • the super-lightweight air vest is perfect for hacking and schooling, in addition to the more extreme equestrian disciplines
  • the patented design allows the hit-air vest to expand when inflated allowing it to be worn discreetly without compromise in safety
  • the outward inflation means it can be worn neatly over the body or body protector
  • clever internal adjustments enable the air vest to be worn snuggly over jackets and fleeces in the winter and t-shirts in the summer


  • the design has evolved to suit the unique ergonomics of the rider
  • the Hit-Air vest is the airbag, it is not contained within a jacket, providing significantly improved wearability and freedom of movement
  • the air vest weighs only 810g. Riders report that they do not feel that they have got it on