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Shires Burghley Girth

31,00 €

The Shires Burghley Girth is made from comfortable fabric which is easy to care for. It features buckles at both ends that are held in place with strong nylon and is great for competition and day to day use. Colours: Brown, Black Sizes: 30" - 56"

Hollow Mouth Eggbutt

27,00 €

This egg butt snaffle has a hollow mouth meaning that it is lighter than a standard solid mouthpiece. Due to its lightweight nature, hollow mouth bits are renowned for being softer than solid bits. Made from stainless steel

Equimax x 10 syringes

150,00 €

Each syringe contains: Ivermectin ph. Eur. 1.87% and Praziquantel Ph. Eur. 14.03% as active ingredients. Each Equimax syringe is sufficient to treat a 700kg horse. For the treatment of infestations due to adult and immature roundworms, lungworms, bots and tapeworms in Horses.As it only requires one dose of Equimax to control tapeworms double dosing

Linseed Oil 4.5 litres

26,50 €

Description A no mess way to add super lustre to the coat and it also contains the highest plant form of Omega 3 essential oil for energy and mobility and it is also a very useful digestive aid. Recommended Feeding Amount: 50ml daily

Bungee Rein

12,50 €

A perfect training aid for horses that stiffen their neck and resist the rider\'s hand. Especially useful for schooling young horses. Fully elastic and adjustable. Also suitable for lunging work. Size adjustable from pony to full size. Black

Fills Peacock Safety Stirrup Irons

60,00 €

Designed primarily with children in mind, as their lighter weight may not detach the stirrup from the bar in the event of a fall, whereas the thick rubber band will detach easily for greater safety. Stainless Steel with high quality finish.

Shires Elasticated Burghley Girth

32,00 €

Made in soft tubular web, this elasticated Burghley girth has elastic leading to buckles at one end with the other buckles being secured with bouble thickness nylon. Machine washable. Sizes 30" - 56". Colours Black or Brown